Aventine SmartVault

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and enhance your client experience. In 2019 we added electronic DocuSign technology to our practice for all client paperwork.

In stride with that commitment we have now added a secure document storage and file sharing solution called Aventine SmartVault to our firm’s resources.

Why Aventine SmartVault?

1. Accessibility: This secure, encrypted client portal allows us to store, exchange, and access your important financial documents electronically from one central location. No more gathering, printing, or hauling stacks of papers.

2. Collaboration: You can scan and share important financial documents with us anytime from anywhere. Critical information can be exchanged between yourself and Aventine in situations where time is of the essence or we are unable to meet in person.

3. Legacy Asset Protection: In the event something happens to you, your family and loved ones will know where to access copies of your important documents such as your Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Will Directives, Life Insurance, and more.

Family crises can be overwhelming enough without having to physically find and piece together financial information from several sources with different user access.

4. Security from Physical Damage, Loss or Theft: Keeping an electronic record of your important documents can help protect against loss, theft, or physical damage from fires, floods, or other natural disasters.

5. A Paperless Solution: Aventine SmartVault allows us to join the secure paperless business world, seamlessly integrating technology with our financial services. Aventine strives to operate 100% paperless.

You can access your Aventine SmartVault anytime, anywhere through the Login page on our company website. We are proud to support and deliver the latest technology to our clients.

Want to schedule a meeting but can’t travel?

Ask about Aventine RingCentral Meetings. With our video conferencing and screen sharing solution, we are happy to meet with you from any location!

Always, Frank

Frank J. Fiumecaldo, CFP

Founder & President


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